Grawin opal field
Grawin Club in the Scrub


For sale

Club t-shirts


Wide range of colours and sizes. $19.50 each.

Polo shirts

Wide range of colours and sizes. $35 each.

Stubby holders

Wide range of colours available. $9.50 each.


Wide range of colours. Adjustable size. $19.95 each.

Purchasing by mail order

Club caps and stubby holders

These products can be purchased by mail order for delivery within Australia. Mail your order to:
The Club in the Scrub
PO Box 20
Grawin NSW 2832

Please include a money order for the total cost of your items plus $7.00 for postage and packaging with your order. Contact the club for direct deposit details. Don't forget to include your name and address!

Please note: no products will be sent unless payment is received with the order.